Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Kate and I am a proud mom of two beautiful (and sometimes a handful) children – Ted and Lily.

Before starting this blog in 2014, I used to post recaps of our family trips around Southern California to Facebook as a way to keep in touch and share vacation stories with friends and family back in Massachusetts (where I am originally from).

After a number of people urged me to start a website to share my tips, tricks, and other helpful info for families who were making their first trip to SoCal, I decided to start this blog. It’s almost been three years later and the blog is still going strong!


My mission is to provide families who are planning a trip to Southern California the best information to help them have an amazing experience.

I know that vacations can be few and far in between, so I hope to help make your time as enjoyable as possible.

If just one of my suggestions put a smile on your face during your trip then I’ve succeeded!

What’s so Great About San Diego?

While I am not a local (I moved here from the Northeast back in 2003), I consider myself to be an expert on all things San Diego when it comes to great food, fun family activities, and hidden gems all around San Diego.

This is truly one of most beautiful places on Earth. We have amazing weather year round, picturesque scenery. top notch museums, world class attractions, and so much more.

I can’t wait to share the beauty of San Diego with you.