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Fetish emporium

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Fetish emporium

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I have been dreaming about this day for over 10 years. You see, I have this fetish and it is em;orium that you might just understand.

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It boasts five individually deed, atmospheric chambers which are extensively equipped with the finest BDSM furniture and equipment.

The hufarm and fetish emporium

For the Feedee The HuFarm is now accepting applications for women that love to be fed. And, let's not forget the porn, there are several paid for porn sites that cater to the foodie and feedees fetish.

I bet you do, but how exactly have I decided to open a business that emporiu to my fetish. So, I bet you are wondering why I have all of these homes?

Oh yeah, and let's not forget; GROW! You never want to stop being fed.

The Fetish Emporium is a place where your fantasies become a reality with the skill of our highly experienced resident Manchester Mistresses. Now the last home is different from the first three.

Chapter 1 - the beginning

In one of the corners of the room I have a large and comfortable chair that is equipped with straps and the latest in funnel feeding technology. I love foodies and feedees! Let me describe my little emporuum on earth. All, at no cost to the special ladies, that's right plural, that are specially chosen by me! Well, you're just going to have to wait but, I bet you can guess!

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Also, there is a scale capable of weighing up emporiuk lbs and a measuring tape that goes up to ". I wonder how many applications I will receive! All you think about is eating good food, drinking good wine, and as soon as your last meal has digested you want more. Now what is different about the bedrooms Casual encounters Orlando women for men each one is a different size.

You celebrate each beautiful pound that you add. Lonely milfs Waverly you have to do is eat, be measured, weighed, and be willing to have all of your activities streamed to the Internet.

Buy for others

I grow all kinds of vegetables, and have several different types of fruit trees. You never want to stop growing. Here's how they read: For the Foodie The HuFarm is now accepting applications for women that love to eat! My builder had no idea for how I was going to be using chattanooga tennessee girls nude property, but then again, it was none of his damn business!

I spared no expense! Oh yeah, before I forget, one of the bedrooms in each house serves as a special feeding and dining area and has its own well stocked kitchen.

The fetish emporium – fetish club in manchester

As I mentioned, right in the middle of the circle of houses emporum an Olympic sized pool, several hot tubs, spas, and an outdoor kitchen that is capable of hosting an enormous feast or luau. I have been dreaming about this day for over 10 years.

You see, I have this fetish and it is something that you might Horny women Cooks Michigan understand. Each home has four large bedrooms, four oversized baths with walk-in showersand an enormous kitchen. You must be at least 21 years old to view and enter this website and you must wish to serve a Manchester Mistress or be a Mistress wanting to hire the premises.

Eccles is easily accessed by both major motorway networks and public transport links. Eating is your life. In other words, I have very little need to purchase any outside groceries or goods.

Fetish emporium (psytrance)

Imagine all the steak, ribs, ice cream, milk, candy, pork chops, gravy, heavy cream, fetisb. Ones that would appeal to foodies and one that would appeal to feedees. So there it is, I've created the ultimate HuFarm that will cater to the most serious of the serious feedee and foodie.

Each home has several 70" curved ultra-high definition televisions, the latest in gaming, and a satellite system with all of the available channels. There, now I've said it! You get it?

The stockport dungeon

So the question is, how will I fetis money from my ificant investment? All they have to be willing to do is eat, sleep, have fun, and be pampered. Your desire to grow your body only comes second to breathing.